Eight Facts you must know about Akrobeto’s Nose



  1. It is recorded in the 2010 Kasapreko Book of Records as the biggest nose of the 21st
  2. It also features in the Olfactory International Association archives as the heaviest nose of a living man. It is estimated to weigh a massive 25 kg. That is some burden of a nose right there.
  3. Akrobeto’s nose unlike those of others, is not hereditary. According to scientist who spent 3 months studying this wondrous piece of flesh, his nose expanded to this size and weight as a result of the pressure exerted on the facial muscle when talking.
  4. Akrobeto’s nose is on record to have blown away a camera and its tripod stand whilst on set shooting a movie in 2015.
  5. Anytime Akrobeto sneezes there is a mini earth tremor within 100 metres radius of where the sneezing took place. According to his neighbours, this has resulted in cracks on almost all the buildings in his neighbourhood.
  6. If it is to be auctioned today, Akrobeto’s nose is estimated to cost as much as what the world’s richest man is currently worth. His nose will cost that much because according to researchers, there is no other human body part which exudes such wonders as Akrobeto’s nose.
  7. It is alleged that the International Consortium of Museums are planning to raise enough money to build a nose museum and convince Akrobeto to get his nose cut and placed there.
  8. There is a small town in China known as Hwinibiggi. There is an enlarged picture of Akrobeto’s nose in this town and it is worshipped as the god of air. Akrobeto is a god.



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