Owning Foreign Dogs – The new craze


Dogs serve different purposes for different people. Some people use dogs solely as pets.  Others keep them for protection.  Others have dog for both purposes. Dogs were and perhaps are still used for hunting. Security companies use dogs for various purposes as well.  In most homes in Ghana, both low-income homes, middle class and super affluent, one is likely to find a dog. The type of dog found in these homes actually depend on the economic class of the families.  Foreign dogs are usually found in well to do homes.

In most compound and low-income houses, one would find what we know as the local breed of dogs. They are given names like Hope, Killer, Tiger, peace and other hilarious names. Some are even ridiculous. The affluent homes house the foreign dogs like the German Shepherds, the bulldogs, the Alsatian, the Dobermans, etc. It is told that the feeding cost of one of these dogs can cater for what an 8 member- low income family will spend on food for a day.

In recent times, there has been a sudden craze and love for these foreign dogs. Almost everyone now breeds foreign dogs, have foreign dogs and sell foreign dogs. One common spectacle along the popular streets of our major cities is people with purportedly puppies of foreign dogs in hand with FOR SALE on them. A careful look at these puppies however makes one doubt if they are fully foreign bred ones.  They look like what we term half caste dogs, produced as a result of a mating process between a typical local dog and a foreign one.

One other innovation now is the organising of dog shows. Dog shows are now organised especially in Accra, where people come and show off their foreign dogs, their beauty, cuteness, might, agility and all. People jogging with their dogs is now a common sight. With the rise in crime and unfaithfulness of people employed as security men and their helplessness when armed robbers raid homes, a lot of home owners have turned to these fierce and huge foreign dogs for security.

Owning and maintaining any of these foreign dogs is expensive isn’t it worth the companionship and security and fulfilment or whatever that it comes with?  Do you own a dog? Which breed is it? How much do you spend on it daily?


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