I like goats more than cars – Bugri Naabu


Few days to the hotly contested 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, the comfortably sailing boat of the ruling party (NDC) was rocked with a huge bribery allegation against their candidate and then incumbent president.  The man at the centre of that scandal was none other than the man popularly known as the Bugri Naabu. At the time, people had to speak on his behalf and he was nowhere to answer questions directly on how and why the president chose to bribe him.  Fast forward to 2017 and he is in the news again with another bribery allegation.  This time, he does not have the bow and arrow.  The arrow is pointed at his forehead and he is fighting tooth and nail not to get his forehead pierced with the arrow of bribe-taking.

The Naabu attracted the wrath of Otiko the jabber when he allegedly disrupted a programme the later had organised in the Naabu’s territory. Otiko did not waste time in jabbing him with allegations of how he was bribed with the most valuable animal in the world now – GOAT. The allegation did not go down well with the Naabu and he responded in equal measure with a long list of allegations against the minister of weird hairstyles.

Asked why he took offence at the allegations, the Naabu told our reporter that he likes goats and will accept goat gifts any day any time over car gift. He however stated strongly that he did not receive any goat bribes. According to him, with his well-known reverence of goats, no one within his jurisdiction will even dare disrespect him by presenting a goat as a bribe. It must always come and a beautifully decorated gift and nothing else.

It is reported that the elders of the elephant party have called both Otiko the jabber and Billy the Naabu to come before them and smoke the peace pipe. That will be interesting to watch. The weird hairstyle minister and the chairman of goat receivers association smoking a peace pipe made from the trunk of an elephant.

Our reporter veered off the current issue and asked why he did not speak directly to his allegation of being bribed by the then lover of Japan cars. The Naabu responded first with a thunderous laughter and said, at the time the news broke, he was at a 3 days event where goat soup featured almost everyday and it would have been insane on his behalf to leave that event and all the goat goodies to come and engage in political banter over if he was bribed or not.  According to him, that was the headache of the one who tried to bribe him and all those who decided to engage in needless debate over that issue.  He laughed loudly, tapped the shoulder of this reporter and asked him if he has ever tasted goat scrotum in hot light soup. The meeting with our reporter ended with the Naabu reiterating his love for goat over cars.



Gbetormenyo Anopeasem.


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